I am Pantias  Bisbas, an artist based in Greece.

I create macramé for indoor and outdoor spaces of high quality. These unique works of art are all handmade, designed in my studio which is located in the city of Thessaloniki, and they are created especially for the needs of my customers.

The patterns and the symbols, elements that charm and inspire me, have their roots deep down in our tradition. These symbols blend into many large scale  macramé and allow me to share a small part of my cultural heritage to those who look at my work.

For many people the term macramé provoke bohemian thoughts and a journey to the 70s.

my personal goal is to bring this technique to th e21 century with cleaner and simpler lines that fit into every space regardless of the decoration.

Large scale macramé fascinate me. I create works of art that not only catch the eye but also have practical uses such as the change in the acoustics in a room or a sense of warmth.

Being  an unsettled spirit myself, I continuously want to discover new techniques that can be integrated in macramé pieces giving the simplicity rather that the complexity of this combination.

But that’s the magic of my art…

The discovery beyond the obvious…

Every next step broadens the horizon…

Bohemian Thoughts