Fiber, clothe, designs, everything on the table…

…scattered materials, scattered images. Until the inspiration comes…. The desire to create…the mind to give power to the hands, to move them and with their turn to start making the thought ….  an act.

Magical is the moment of creation. You begin, you weave, you stop, you start and stop again. You take a step back. You watch. You watch what is being formed from every angle. You judge…sometimes harshly other times with leniency. You go on and change and you start again. Everything is made with love.

The collection ‘mother of the Dantes’ is not just a purpose but a journey as well. Our mutual journey. Their clothes dress special people in their special moments. My designs in combination with their clothes are ready to offer this journey. Made to dress, to beautify, to be loved.

They are beautiful in the light, they are beautiful in the dark and yet there is the same feeling ….the passion for what you do. Knots, lines, designs, art, technique, spontaneity. When you are trusted, they allow you to be yourself, to give something from yourself. Then, you create, you let the flame of inspiration to guide your art….