A unique day in the life of every person

A unique day in the life of every person. Christening is not just an event. It is an entrance to a better life, to a life full of unconditional love and tenderness. That’s my compass. By following it, I am trying every time to envision and create unique things paying attention to refined quality.

Motivated by the concept and helped closely by the collaboration with creative minds, I create from scratch every single detail that is needed for this special occasion.

Ι firmly believe that macrame art is it is open to your dreams for this special days… It’s the art of magical knots. For this reason my handcrafted goods are customized to be adjusted to a romantic girly theme celebration with an elegant touch, a decoration inspired by young boys’ heroes or even a theme with a modern approach.

Have you already dreamt about your child’s name giving celebration?

Don’t hesitate to contact me and share your thoughts.