The day of the wedding ceremony.

The day of the union of two people in front of the whole world. The birthday of the official “together”. The day when the distances of dreams and expectations have been traveled and everything starts with the winds for the common journey in life to blow. We all want this day to be special, to match what starts and to make a positive impression to those who will be by our side, our family and friends. It is sharing and participating in the uniqueness of the moments. The art of macrame comes to highlight this desire of yours. To make it visible and tangible. The yarns, maintaining their autonomy, are joined and tied together in knots.

Just like the couple of the newlyweds: together in the uniqueness of their beauty, they unite and face as one the beauty and the difficulties of life. They give unique designs. Objects, decoration but also decorative details, special and representative of your personality, find through macrame the possibility of their presence. They can accompany you to the church as well as to the reception or party that you will organize for your loved ones. Together we can put your dreams for this  day into moments and make it an experience.